The Hat Maker's Hats

Words to Learn

Wares are what people usually sell to others, like food at the market and clothes at the mall.  If you had a store, what would you sell?

A Plume is a feather that you can put in the band of your hat.  What kind of feather would you put in your hat?

A Doubloon is a Spanish coin.  It is flat and gold.  Beware—if you have a doubloon hat, a pirate may try to steal it!

Chiffon, Satin, and Felt are types of fabric.  Can you name another fabric?

Complex means something that is hard to understand because of how difficult it is.  The Hat Maker makes bows with lots of knots and ribbons.  Some people find cooking or math complex!  What is something you find complicated?

Kin means family.  Name different family that you have. (Cousin, sister, etc.)

More Questions

What is something you love to do as much as the Hat Maker loves to make hats?

If someone told you that what you want to do is silly, what would you say or do?

What kind of hat would you wear to a ball or party?

What kind of hat would you wear if you were in a parade?

What is a masterpiece?  (A masterpiece is very good art—like statues and paintings that are in museums.  Imagine wearing something like that on your head!)

What can you say that is loving, and what is something you can say that is spiteful?  Which would you rather hear someone say to you?

Name the parts of a hat.  Draw a hat you would want to wear.

Lessons to Learn

It is worth working hard for what you love.

Make sure you are encouraging to others and never the one saying cruel things, even if they can’t hear you.

It can be hard to ignore the mean things people say, even if everyone else is saying nice things.  Remember this: Who do you trust more, the person saying mean things or the person saying nice things?  Who wants the best for you?  Who should you listen to?  Sometimes words can still hurt, but unkind words have no power over you.  Keep doing all the awesome things you love doing, even if you are not great at them yet!  You can be as great as you can be by working at it.  So have fun!  It’s worth it.