Always Fly Away

A Children's Safety Book


Words to Learn

To Soar means that a bird or a plane rides on the wind, wings stretched out but not flapping.  Where would you go if you could soar anywhere you wanted?

Secluded means that there is a place set apart from busy people.  The woods are secluded, a backyard can be secluded, and even a person, who moves far away from others, can be secluded.  Can you name a place that is secluded?  (This can be anywhere quiet and not easily found--someone's favorite reading spot, a camp site, or under the blankets.)

A Plight is a problem that has to be figured out!  But not like a math problem.  A plight can be deciding between playing a game and doing your chores, or being asked a tough question that you have to answer.  Name a plight and what you think the best solution would be!  (For example, telling the truth when asked whether you've brushed your teeth, or if a friend is doing something wrong and you have to decide whether or not to do the right thing.)

Lessons Found in the Book

What advice does Stella's mother give her before she goes out to play?

Can you tell who a stranger is by what they look like?

Who is a stranger?

What should you do when you feel uncomfortable with someone?

Additional Questions (after reading the book)

Coming soon!